Top 10 Reasons to Choose MosquitoNix


Jay W.
Our own personal Yoda of the team. Lead on Jedi Master.

Danny C.
Danny is our master of mosquitoes.  If he can’t solve your problem, no one can.

Michael G.
We just call him our heavy lifter.  Enough said!

Jared A.
Solves all of your mosquito problems in the blink of an eye.


Chris S.
He has the skills that pay the bills.

Charles S.
Oh wise one.  Closely related to his brother Jay.

Block and Tackle.  You may see him on the gridiron at some point!

Blake S.
Installation King.  He can climb the tallest ladder.

Benjamin J.
He’s definitely jammin! You will love his service.

David T.
Chief Mosquito Ninja




This is all you really need to know, but we will still give you 9 other reasons which are just icing on the cake.

These are just the basics that you can come to expect from our Mosquito Control Specialists. At MosquitoNix our Service organization will always:

  • Greet every customer with a smile, every time.
  • Leave the property better than they found it.
  • Complete thorough service and documentation prior to leaving a customer’s property

8) CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY – Fighting mosquitos is a complicated process but our progressive method is extensive enough to tackle it. MosquitoNix Mosquito Misting Systems possesses exceptional features in mosquito control and considered unprecedented in the marketplace. With leak prevention, anti siphon, web/iPhone access, tank level sensors, automation system integration, tankless systems, drum based systems, unlimited zone control, etc., we lead the industry in mosquito control technology. Simply put, we fight mosquitos. We fight mosquitos so you can forget about them.

7) PIONEERS IN THE INDUSTRY – We didn't invent Mosquito Control, but we did invent the Mosquito Misting System and Back Yard Mosquito Treatments as they exist today. Misting System technology’s been used in cattle farms and horse stables for fly control for over twenty years, but in the early 2000s, two entrepreneurs took this technology and adapted it for the residential yard. Thus, MosquitoNix and the Backyard Mosquito Control business was born.

6) FRANCHISE MODEL – We have the best of both worlds. Every location is locally owned and operated while also retaining the strong, reliable backbone of a Franchisor. You can expect that “the bug stops here” with the local owner and operator in your market which is also complimented by MosquitoNix Corporate, who develops the most effective mosquito control solutions in the market. A true win-win for our customers!

5) CELEBRATING 10+ YEARS – We’re proud to say we’ve been protecting families for over ten years! Founded in 2003, we’ve been thriving ever since, and we feel so fortunate to have clients who feel just like family. They’ve paved the way for us to become the largest mosquito control company on the planet.

4) BRAND PROMISES - we promise to…

  • Always be reliable
  • Listen and put our customer’s needs first
  • Provide consistent and thorough service
  • Respect our customer’s property
  • Be professional in all that we do

3) REFERRAL PROGRAM – Our referral program is a true testament of our success. The majority of our new customers come from the referrals of our current customers. We put our money where our mouth is and designed a program to reward them $250. It was the least we could do.

2) 100% GUARANTEE/WARRANTY – Simply put, we stand behind our product one hundred percent. One hundred percent of the time. We encourage you to let us know if your expectations are not met. Your satisfaction is our main priority and we will strive to remedy your concern or refund your investment.

Drumroll Please....

And the number 1 reason to choose MosquitoNix is

OUR MISSION- We believe that people should enjoy their outdoor living space. We are the national leader in our industry. With exceptional customer service and a strong support system, we provide customized mosquito control solutions.