MosquitoNix Equipment Maintenance Program

The MosquitoNix system features trouble-free, simple maintenance that is largely covered by your agreement. To ensure continuous mosquito control, a qualified MosquitoNix representative will refill your drum as needed. The number of refills required will depend on the size of your misting system, the number of nozzles you have, and your level of usage and mist duration.

In most cases, three to four mists daily are adequate, with mists lasting from 20 to 45 seconds each. If needed, your MosquitoNix representative can adjust both the frequency and duration of mists during a routine service call. If you would like more control and flexibility, we can also teach you to adjust the system settings yourself. The yearly winterization and de-winterization processes are also included in your service program. Here is a quick overview of each of your basic MosquitoNix services.

MosquitoNix Full Service Program

A lifetime warranty for all original parts and labor is included in the full service program starting from the date of installation. This excludes the pump, motor and control units; these parts carry a three-year limited warranty. This program also covers all continuous service and maintenance requirements, including seasonal preparations. Refills are performed on an automatic schedule. MosquitoNix provides a one-year price guarantee. The full-service program is transferable with applicable fees.

Drum Refill Program

To ensure proper coverage and optimal maintenance, MosquitoNix performs refills on an automatic schedule. At regular intervals and as required, your representative will refill the reservoir drum. The refill program also includes full diagnostic routines at each visit to keep your system at top performance.

Winterization Process

All full-service contracts include annual winter preparations. As part of the winterization process, the system is flushed with air and a protective additive, and maintenance procedures are performed on the suction line, pump, and motor.

De-Winterization Process

Like the winterization maintenance, de-winterization is covered by all full-service agreements. During this procedure, the MosquitoNix representative will conduct a full system check on all parts including the motor and tubing, replace the suction line and top off the drum as required. The mosquito prevention system is then activated and your yard is fully protected.