To learn more about MosquitoNix, browse our list of frequently asked questions below. Feel free to contact us if you have a question that isn’t answered here.

What is a MosquitoNix Misting System?

MosquitoNix Misting System is a professionally installed, fully automatic misting system that kills and repels insects. The system easily handles outdoor insects including mosquitoes, spiders, white-flies, gnats, ticks, and fleas. Once MosquitoNix is installed around a home or business, the system releases a mist of chrysanthemum based solution two to four times each day.

How does a MosquitoNix System work?

The MosquitoNix system includes a reservoir, control unit and pump. This system is placed in a garage, shed or other outdoor area. When triggered by the timer, the system pumps our proprietary pyrethrum based misting solution through a professionally installed line. Once it enters the line, the mist is distributed through an array of nickel silver nozzles. The fully automated design releases mist two to four times each day, before dawn and after dusk, at intervals of 20 to 45 seconds. An included remote control allows users to mist between timed intervals. Battery back-up allows the timer to remain correct during a power outage.

Does the MosquitoNix system offer additional benefits?

MosquitoNix not only controls mosquitos, but also repels flies, ticks, and other insects. The remote control allows users to treat the yard before planned outdoor activities. For example, when friends are expected to arrive at 7 p.m., misting the yard at 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. eliminates all mosquitoes by the time guests arrive.

Who benefits from the MosquitoNix system?

Home and business owners concerned about the nuisance or dangers of biting insects can benefit from installing the MosquitoNix system. The system controls outdoor biting insects to create a comfort zone around pools and hot tubs, decks, patios, outdoor restaurants and entertainment venues, farms and stables.

How much does MosquitoNix cost?

Each site is unique, requiring an individually customized installation. Because no two installations are the same, MosquitoNix offers afree site evaluation and estimate. A MosquitoNix professional customizes each system and thoroughly reviews the installation and operation of the MosquitoNix system.